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D'AO LABS Supplements in stock now

Digestive Harmony
Emotional Balance
Woman's Monthly Kit
Immunity Support
Women's Formula
Sleep Remedy: Physical Tranquility
Sleep Remedy: Mental Tranquility

Digestive Harmony

Make your tummy happy with a sip of Preserve Harmony, a Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine formula best known for promoting immediate and long-term digestive health. Promote your natural rhythm and free yourself from bloating, indigestion and nausea with our soothing, yet effective, orange-chai blend.

Emotional Balance

Relieve stress and enhance your mood with Free & Easy Wanderer, a popular Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine formula best known for promoting a sense of inner calm and well-being. Ease tension, stress and restore your focus with the delightful taste of crisp apple and refreshing cucumber.


Women’s Monthly

If you find yourself dreading your period every month take back control with our Women’s Monthly Kit, a mix of two formulas that work symbiotically for a more blissful month. Emotional Balance is the enemy of PMS, while our classic Women’s Formula delivers a boost of herbal balance for strength and regularity throughout your next cycle.


Immunity Support

Protect your body during pollen season with a powerful dose of Jade Windscreen, a Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine formula best known for shielding the body from airborne pathogens during seasonal and/or environmental changes. Boost your immunity with comforting pear, warming ginger and a touch of rosemary.


Women’s Formula

Take control of your cycle with Four Substance Decoction, a centuries-old Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine formula best known for helping women maintain strength and regularity during their menstrual cycles. Harmonize your hormones, increase energy naturally and transform your cycle with a balance of sweet raspberry and spicy black pepper.


Sleep Remedy: Physical 

Cool off and relax a restless night time body with Physical Tranquillity, our powerful non-habit-forming herbal blend for physically relaxing sleep. The 18 herbs in this blackberry and clove flavoured blend will leave you calm in the night and cool & rested tomorrow.


Sleep Remedy: Mental

Turn off your racing mind at 2 AM with this powerful non-habit-forming herbal formula. Don’t let night time stress keep you tossing and turning, rather let the 15 herbs in our dark cherry & spice flavoured formula deliver quality rest and less stress & anxiousness tomorrow.

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