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"I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have been going to and from my doctors for the last 10 years for help and pain relief. I started alternative therapy in the last 2 years but nothing has helped as much as the acupuncture. Michelle is very professional and knowledgeable about my illness through Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I have not only had relief from my symptoms but also gone longer with out an episode of pain. My sleep has improve there fore my recovery at night has improved. 
Thank you for my On going help". 

-Sally, North London



"I am not very good with needles and always been afraid of acupuncture as a result this but the back pain o was experiencing was just too much for me and a friend recommended Michelle and said it was not painful. She was right and after one session when I felt so relaxed I fell asleep, I can now have more movement in my back". 
- Jackie D.

"HOT SWEATS !!!! Gone ! INSOMNIA! Gone!  MOOD SWINGS!! Gone !  I didn't think it was possible as I had tried lots of other treatments that people suggested and no joy. 

After just a few sessions I could feel the improvements and my energy levels rose and no more disturbed sleep. Feel like I want to tell every woman I meet ! 
Thanks for giving me my life back Michelle".​

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