TuiNa Massage

Deep tissues massage of the body with stimulation of acupuncture points through pressure to release tension stress in muscles Various motions and techniques are used to unblock meridians allowing the free flow of Qi, resulting in leaving you feel relaxed and revived.

  • Assists in reducing symptoms of work related stress,anxiety and depression.  

  • Improves quality of sleep and energy levels

  • Relieves headaches, stiffness, muscle tension and pain. Therefore, Improving blood and oxygen circulation.  

  • Reduces and prevents repetitive strain injuries.  

  • Treats carpal tunnel, arthritis and tendonitis

  • Improves immune system and concentration 



Canonbury Natural Health Clinic

265 Upper St London N1 2UQ

Whitecross Street Clinic

193 Whitecross St London EC1Y 8QP

Harley Street Clinic

No.1 Harley Street London W1G 9QD


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